Easter can be a fun filled holiday with egg hunts, warm spring sunshine and family time. Avoid an emergency trip to the vets this holiday by familiarising yourself with the information below which shows some potential hazards for your pet at Easter.


Chocolate poisoning is particularly common around Christmas and Easter. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can be poisonous to  most animals. So keep those Easter Eggs out of reach!

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns may be a tasty Easter treat, but grapes, raisins, currants and sultanas are all toxic to dogs.

Spring bulbs

Some plants commonly seen at this time of year can be potentially toxic to our pets. Daffodils and Tulips can be very hazardous if ingested and Lilies can be particularly harmful to cats.

The chance of a good outcome is vastly improved if we see your pet as soon as possible after the suspected ingestion.Sadly, the majority of toxins won’t show symptoms until the damage is already done and at which point it is not reversible (especially raisins and lilies which affect the kidney). A lot more can be done in the first 4 hours to save your pet, than when they start showing signs of being unwell. If you think your pet has eaten any of the above, it’s important you get in contact with your vet ASAP and give them as much detail as possible.

What should you do if you suspect your pet has been poisoned?

If you’re at all worried that your pet may have eaten, or come into contact with, something toxic, please call us immediately.

It can be very helpful if you are able to provide us with any of the following information:

  • What poison you think your pet’s been exposed to, including product names, or ingredients if relevant/you have them to hand

  • How much they may have been exposed to

  • When your pet was exposed to the poison 

  • If your pet has been unwell, and if so, what symptoms you have seen

For the best possible outcome, we must see your pet as a matter of urgency. If you are in any doubt, don’t wait for your pet to become unwell before calling us for advice.