Detailed below are some examples of our current prices. If a service is not listed here, please                   the practice for a no-obligation quotation.

Consultation:                                              £30
Follow up or re-examine:                       £24
Dog vaccination booster:                       £35
Puppy vaccination course:                    £48.60
Cat vaccination booster(flu/ent):       £30
Kitten vaccination course:(flu/ent):   £45 
Leukemia vaccine:                                    £10.50
Microchipping:                                            £16

Bitch spey (up to 10kg)                            £200
Bitch Spey (10-20kg)                                £227
Bitch spey (20-40kg)                                £252

Dog castrate(up to 10kg)                        £141
Dog castrate(10-20kg)                            £162
Dog castrate(20-40kg)                            £185

Cat spey                                                       £63
Cat castrate                                                £45

Cherry eye repair                                     £390
Advanced Orthopaedics:
Cruciate Surgery
TTA                                                               £1750
TPLO (Closing Wedge)                          £1750
We only use the most up to date techniques and all our implants are titanium with the latest PAX locking plates used for our TPLO surgeries.