Charitable Neutering Month

Michelle's Story




Michelle was a young mum, alone, homeless and in need


Michelle was found in a bush in Leeds, she was a feral cat.  A man called Chris noticed her in the bushes near his house and when he noticed that she was always there over a period of about a month, so he started to realise that she was homeless. She would not let him come near her or stroke her and was very defensive.


One day he passed, and to his surprise, she had some tiny newborn black kittens with her.  He managed to put them all into a cardboard box and took them into his nearby home where he fed and kept them warm.  He contacted his local vets and rescue charities, who all told him to keep them as they had no space for them. He had seen Pause on Facebook so he contacted us, hoping that we might be able to take the family in.  At the time, we had no space, so we launched a fundraising campaign to open our basement and provide a forever home for the stray family. We didn’t raise enough, so the work was done voluntarily by Simon Clissold.










Chris looked after the family until they were old enough to come to Pause, and we drove up to collect them on 9th May 2017.


After being seen by the vets, it turned out that Michelle was still a kitten herself, estimated to be under a year old. Shockingly, the vet said it was her second litter of kittens, we dread to think what became of the first litter. As soon as she had recovered well from having the kittens and feeding them, we took her to Spring Corner Vets to be neutered to stop this ordeal from happening to her again.  As soon as her kittens were old enough, Spring Corner neutered them too. Having them neutered at a young age not only prevents unwanted pregnancy but it is also quicker for them to recover.


We love Michelle and her kittens Noodle, Poppet and Sweetcheeks, but they were lucky to be found by Chris and to end up in their forever home here at Pause. Please help us to prevent young kitten pregnancies and unwanted cats that rescue charities are struggling to find homes for.


Spring Corner Vets are offering neutering for just £10 during April, to support people on low incomes to make the right choice for cat welfare.  Please help us improve lives of local animals by sharing this story; Michelle and her second litter were lucky to find their happy ending. Let’s not put any more little lives at risk.

During April were able to offer cat neutering for just £10. Spring Corner, in conjunction with Pause Cat Café  pledged £15,000 towards this valuable cause to reduce the numbers of homeless and unwanted cats.