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Advanced Surgery


Our prices are inclusive of VAT and 24 hours hospitalisation. Some cases do require more intensive post operative care and this may incur additional charges.


ENT surgery


Total ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy (TECABO)


This is a major procedure and is indicated for patients with irreversible end stage ear disease. Many of these patients are suffering constant moderate to severe pain which cannot be controlled with medical treatment, surgery is the only option for complete resolution. Many of my patients are even far more comfortable the day after surgery than they were previously. The procedure can also be indicated in lower grade cases where the cost of medical treatment is becoming prohibitive.

I am an experienced surgeon but not a specialist. I have performed over 120 TECABO surgeries and fortunately have a very low complication rate. To date, I have never had a case of facial paralysis or had a drainage tract form following surgery (in the literature, the rates for facial paralysis are quoted at 10.5% and drainage tracts at 2-14%) I have had one case of transient head tilt and 6 wound breakdowns a few days post surgery. These were managed as open wounds and all healed uneventfully.





Lateral wall resection





Pina amputation  


Most commonly performed in white cats with a solar dermatitis leading to skin cancer.





Alar fold resection for stenotic nares


This is normally performed in short nosed breeds to improve breathing; it carries a relatively low risk. We do not perform BOAS surgery.





Nares amputation


This a salvage procedure for cases of cancer involving the end of the nose. We have performed complete and partials. Despite sounding quite dramatic, cosmetically post surgery, the appearance whilst different is generally very acceptable.





The above is a list of the more common procedures. We have successfully performed many rarer advanced surgeries including for example, 2 tracheal resections for granulomas post stent placements and numerous tumours in a variety of locations.






We are currently expanding our ophthalmology service and have recently purchased an operating microcope. We believe we are the only practice in Dorset to have this facility. Our range of services offered will be increasing during 2023.


Enucleation (the removal of an eye)




Entropion corrective surgery


one eye   £500

both eyes £800


Eye lid tumours




Cherry eye


Our success rate with is surgery is very good, however some do fail requiring a second surgery. The price quoted includes a second surgery FOC if required.


one eye   £450

both eyes  £650


Conjuntival pedicle graft for corneal ulcers





Oral and maxillofacial surgery





Our routine dentistry is fixed price, we will never charge you more than quoted regardless of the number of extractions. the price includes all necessary x-rays.




Total extractions for cats with severe stomatitis


This is a very painful condition and can often only be cured by extracting all the teeth. If the anaesthetic time is becoming too prolonged, we may take the decision to stage the procedure over two anaesthetics. If this is the case there will no additional charge. Our priority is the welfare of our patients.






This is performed when a tumour involves the jaw bone. We have performed segmental (part), rostral (both sides at the front) and hemi (one side complete)  Patients generally do very well post surgery, can eat and look relatively normal.








 Salivary gland excision


Salivary glands are most often removed when a salivary duct has ruptured or when there is a tumour.







Thoracic surgery



Whilst not common, we are one of the few general practices that will perform intrathoracic surgery. We have successfully performed PDA and vascular ring (both congenital conditions) surgeries, together with pericardectomies. We have also removed large thoracic tumours and lung lobes.






Abdominal surgery


We are fortunate to have two of the latest vascular sealers at Spring Corner. These are electronic devices (costing over 20k) that allow us to quickly seal and cut an artery or vein without using a ligature. They will seal an artery up to 7mm in diameter and up to 3 times systolic pressure in about 3 seconds. The benefit is that they can significantly reduce anaesthetic time, reduce blood loss and improve success rates in high risks patients. 

We also have an HD Storz laparoscopic tower with which we can perform minimally invasive laparotomies to survey abdomens as part of an investigation and for organ biopsies. We can normally do this on a day patient basis with rapid recoveries. 







Liver lobectomy








Gall bladder excision




Intestinal foreign body removal


We offer a fixed price for the surgery. Some cases can be relatively straight forward, others can involve the resection of lengths of intestine if the tissue is compromised or non-viable. Most patients will return home soon after surgery but extended hospitalisation will carry an additional charge.





Uro-gential surgery 







Scrotal urethrostomy




Perineal urethrostomy (cats)




Pre pubic (pelvic split)urethrostomy  (cats)


We have just started performing this very new procedure. This procedure is life saving when the condition of the urethra is unsuitable for a perineal urethrostomy or where one has failed. The pelvis is first split open to allow access to the entire length of the urethra which is then dissected free including the penis. The pelvis is then repaired and a new urethral opening is created between the legs. Studies have shown few complications with patients returning to full continence. Our cases to date have made full uneventful recoveries.




Urethral amputation for urethral prolapse


This is seen predominantly in brachiocephalic breeds







Few fractures are the same. The best way to give some idea of pricing is to give examples of fractures we have recently repaired. The prices quoted include all pre and post operative x-rays, surgery and medication. please visit for more information.

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