Cranial Cruciate (ACL)Surgery

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For many years we used used one of the most common method worldwide (the lateral suture)This in many cases produced acceptable results, but we wanted to produce better and more consistent outcomes. The band works by encouraging scar tissue to form around the joint which normally takes 10-12 weeks but the band can can often break before this is achieved.
The advantage of a lateral suture is that it is simple, relatively quick and requires no specialist instruments.

The TTA procedure was developed about fifteen years ago and is fundamentally different. Rather than trying to repair the ligament and restore its original function (which can rarely be done), we change the geometry of the joint so that the ligament is no longer required. This technique produces much more consistent results .

Having now performed many of these procedures the results are so impressive we are no longer happy offering lateral sutures. What is notable is how comfortable the majority of patients are immediately following the operation with many weight bearing and walking better the day following surgery. This contrasts with lateral sutures where most will not use the effected leg for many days to weeks. This discomfort cannot be controlled with pain killers.

The disadvantage is that TTA surgery requires considerable instrumentation, an ultra sterile operating theatre and is technically much more demanding. At referral hospitals this technique also costs between 3-4K. The cost is a major disadvantage, however at spring corner we have managed to reduce the price to within range of the fees often charged for a lateral suture.

At spring corner we have been successfully performing TTA surgeries since 2014. We initially started using the TTA rapid method but have subsequently moved over to use the conventional titanium cage and fork-less plate as used by leading referral centres. This method requires a greater level of expertise and more instrumentation, but we believe produces a much more robust repair with fewer complications.

Our orthopaedic team is led by Tom Spencer who is always happy to answer any questions.

The price includes the surgery, post operative x-rays, all medication on day of surgery, 10 days of pain killers, one nights hospitalisation, check ups on day 3,14 and repeat x-rays 6 weeks post surgery.

We have performed TTA surgeries on patients ranging from 8kg to 55kg, but in smaller breeds, and all patients with a steep joint surface (tibial platea) a TPLO type procedure is more suitable.

Cranial closing wedge TPLO

More recently we have started these surgeries. The principle is the same as a TTA in that we again are changing the joint geometry to make the ruptured ligament redundant, but this time by removing a wedge of bone from the tibia. The bone is then repaired using a special titanium locking plate (PAX). We believe these are the best implants available.

The cost of a TTA or ccwo TPLO is £1750.

Despite our much lower prices we do not compromise on any aspect of these surgeries. We are very proud of the facilities at Spring Corner and are one of the very few surgeries in the UK that have a fully interactive Google tour of the facility on line - we encourage you to view and where possible compare to other hospitals. My orthopaedic theatre is equipped with cutting edge led lighting, a heated table, positive pressure ventilation and extensive monitoring equipment. My orthopaedic power tools alone costs in excess of £16k. We also have an open door policy and will give surgery tours at almost any time with no notice. I expect my hospital to be spotless at all times. We have a viewing window to our theatres, though we will never let a client watch their own pet undergoing surgery live. 

Mr Spencer has always had a strong interest in orthopaedics since working at a busy RSPCA hospital in the early 1990's. He regularly attends advanced training courses in the U.K. and America to maintain his skill level and to bring new techniques to the surgery. He also spends time observing at one of the UK's busiest referral centres. We have invested heavily in orthopaedics repair systems and and now have both conventional dynamic plating kits and the latest titanium polyaxial locking kits in all sizes commonly used in dogs and cats.

2 surgeons perform a TTA operation on a dog who has ruptured his cruciate ligament