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Spring Corner is one of the few first opinion practices to offer an orthopaedic service. We are not registered specialists, however we do have considerable experience. The service is lead by Mr Spencer. He regularly attends training courses in both the UK and the States. We are able to repair most fractures using techniques ranging from the simple use of pins and wires, to complex repairs using the latest locking plate technology. We have a comprehensive range of instrumentation and carry a large stock of implants.


In some orthopaedic procedures we can offer a cheaper alternative to the gold standard which is only gold if affordable. We have repaired a radius ulna fracture recently in a stray cat using just £12 of materials to over £600 of titanium plates and screws in a collie cross, both cases having very good outcomes. 


Our practice ethos is very much about providing more affordable care and our fees are typically 70-80% less than specialist referrals. We accept referrals from a 30 mile radius. We can be flexible on distance, if on price we are the only option available to avoid amputation or euthanasia. We do not want to see any pet suffer. 



Our most common procedures are cranial cruciate ligament repairs where we perform both TTAs and Ccwo TPLO procedures. 


Recently we are receiving an increasing number of fractures, some of our pre and post operative x-rays are shown below. 


2 surgeons perform an operation on a dog who has ruptured his cruciate ligament
Pre op xray
Post op xray
Post op xray
Advanced Orthopaedics:
Cruciate Surgery
TTA                                                            £2000-£2250
TPLO (Closing Wedge)                  £2000-£2250
We only use the most up to date techniques and all our implants are titanium with the latest PAX locking plates used for our TPLO surgeries.
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