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At Spring Corner vets we constantly endeavour to offer a reasonable and affordable service to our clients, whilst ensuring that your pets receive the best treatment that is available. Our charges for consultations, procedures and medications continue to be extremely competitive. We achieve this by running a busy practice with many clients on our books which helps to keep prices low but staffing levels high. In our thriving practice, our skilled staff have a broad range of knowledge and expertise as their caseload is so varied.

All of the medications and diets which we supply from our surgery are subject to a small mark-up which can vary depending upon the item. Sometimes clients compare the online prices for pharmacy products with the dispensing prices which we charge and quite rightly question why our charges are sometimes, but certainly not always higher. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Regulations state that we must source all of our medications from a limited set of licensed UK wholesalers who fix the charges which are then passed on to us. These wholesalers are strictly regulated and source the products direct from the manufacturer with no possibility of counterfeit product entering the supply chain. It is sometimes possible for clients to source medication more cheaply from online suppliers whom we are not licensed to order from.


  • A mark-up allows us to hold a wide range of products in stock so that medication can be provided to an animal in need with little or no notice. If a wide stock is held then expensive products will inevitably sometimes fall out of date; the mark-up also covers some of the cost of wastage.


  • A mark-up covers the cost of buying, handling, storing and dispensing the pharmacy products and of providing free expert telephone advice regarding queries or concerns relating to medication.


  • A mark-up enables us to provide 6 monthly check ups for animals on medication at a consultation fee which is far lower than most of the vets in our area. By law, repeat prescriptions cannot be issued if these 6 monthly checks do not take place.


  • Online pharmacies are able to charge a lower fee because they do not have the same level of responsibility for their clients or financial overheads as a veterinary practice. They can also buy a far higher volume of products which secures them much higher discounts and rebates with the manufacturer.

 If we lost our pharmacy to online suppliers then the price of our other services (which are some of the lowest in the area) would have to increase dramatically.

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